Masini agricole grape rotative


The robust construction using components of the highest quality as well as the functional details put the Arterra in the upper class of rotary harrows. With high-quality brand gearboxes, the specially constructed and manufactured pan with the maintenance-free taper roller bearing as well as the stable and at the same time light weight headstock, the Arterra MS is optimally equipped for all applications using tractors up to 180 hp.


The Arterra Grip rotary cultivator never fails to impress thanks to its unrivalled robustness and versatility. The position of the "at the ready" tines opens up new fields of application for the rotary cultivator. In addition to seedbed preparation on ploughed land, which the rotary cultivator naturally masters equally well, the emphasis in the rotary cultivator's work lies in universal applications in the field of mulch-sowing. The Arterra Grip produces outstanding work, both on pre-cultivated soils (e.g. after the cultivator) and in uncultivated conditions.