RVH EVO - 6,30 to 8,30 m - from 80 to 160 CV

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Possible options
  • Rotating ring
  • Hitch on lifting arm
  • Retractable hydraulic lick
  • Wheels 300/80-15.3 FL+
  • Wheels 400/60-15.3 FL+
  • Stone bins
  • Hectare counter

The heavy self-supporting roller RVH EVO has been designed with high diameter steel smooth balls (Ø 700mm) of thickness 12mm.


It perfectly suits for special and fragile land, and also to keep fresh soil and to ease an optimum grow. The pendular elements make homogeneous roll on the entire width.


Every element,checked for water-proof during manufacturing, can be filled by adding liquid (water or oil).

Characteristics RVH EVO